I once read that “our limits start where our vision ends." My vision has yet to find an end!  

With each stage of my life, I strive for honorable and admirable success and achievement, so that people will know who I am and what I stand for – Compassion and Empowerment of all people.  I want to inspire others to find their passion, pursue it with compassion, and live their lives empowered!

Having begun my international travel at a young age, it was only natural that I completed my first degree in Management & International Business.  After nearly 3 years of entrepreneurial work in Israel, I returned to the US to pursue a career that married my love for the outdoors with my passion for helping others and spent the next 3 years working with teenagers as both a Therapeutic Wilderness Guide and a Residential Counselor.

My kids in my work were my inspiration, and they played a significant part in inspiring my move to New Mexico where I have been pursuing my career as a Professional MMA Fighter as well as a Personal Trainer and Life Guide.

So why do I fight? I fight to be recognized – to be seen, to be known, and to be heard.  And I will be heard!  People will know me for the friendly, gentle, and approachable person I am, and yet they will know me as a warrior.  They will hear my story, and they will know the fire that burned inside and fueled me to a place of positive power and influence.  Through my story I strive to share what I have learned with everyone who wants to know, with the hope of helping to guide people toward the empowered life they desire, and so that I may witness smiles in their hearts and on their faces, and take pride in each small miracle that germinates from their beaming souls and fearless pursuits!