In addition to pursuing a career in mixed martial arts, I also offer personal coaching and guidance for both groups and individuals.

Holding certifications as a Personal Trainer (NASM certified), Martial Arts Instructor, and as a Wilderness First Responder enhances my already varied experiences coaching and guiding individuals in both therapeutic and non-therapeutic settings.

Everyone has different goals in life, and many of us are prevented from attaining them by perceived challenges and obstacles.  What are your goals?  What has been stopping you?

Maybe you want to improve your health, gain more confidence, or improve a personal or work relationship?  Or maybe you have always wanted to run your first race – or improve your time?  Maybe you’ve been curious about mountain biking, hiking, camping, planning an adventure, or even starting your own business!  

Whether it be one specific goal, or many, I can help guide you toward the life you want to live.  

If you are feeling stuck, or maybe just curious to develop a new skill or direction in life, contact me about setting up your Personalized Empowerment Plan!

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 "She's an outstanding trainer, motivator, diet and fitness consultant. I can see a dramatic improvement in my level of fitness, energy and my pants size. I would choose her to be my trainer again!" - H.A.

 "With all of Emily's training, she has helped me change some of my lifestyles and she is one fantastic person.  Emily continues to help build my self-confidence and my physical fitness while working around my knee and lower back problems.  Emily has been with me the whole time to inspire me, motivate me and be there." - S. Neff

"You made me feel valuable, which of course helped my self confidence and self esteem (that are usually not so high). If it weren’t for you, I probably never would've started running.... the fact that you believed in my ability made me believe in myself. Today running takes an important place in my life, and it helps me feel good with myself." - Smadar Israel

 "Emily is a friend who is always willing to step into the woods despite the weather, the distance or conditions." - H.S.