Congrats to Felice Herrig for doing an awesome job changing up her game and being aggressive! She definitely deserved the win.

It was certainly hard for most of us on Team Melendez to back up Heather Clark on this one. While Heather made claims, post fight, that she has grown and learned from her experiences, the pre-fight drama was what set the tone for this bout. Leading up to the fight, Heather made it very clear that she didn’t “approve” of the way Felice chooses to gain fans. All the while, Felice seemed a bit baffled as to why Heather had much interest in her to begin with.

Most fans and followers out there love the emotion and drama that gets flung around the house on a daily basis, and though I lived through it, there are many moments in previous episodes where I find myself laughing, cringing or hollering out at the TV in sheer amusement! But this “Grudge Match” between Felice and Heather??? I just can’t get into it. It just doesn’t spark an interest. Maybe its because the drama that Heather highlights with Felice is lacking any real emotion or history. The “grudge” is simply boring, to be honest, but the “match” is another story! I was thrilled to see the fight happen with Felice taking another win and putting this thing to rest!

Penne and Ellis had real history. Heather struggles to find her place among the team. Injuries are popping up everywhere and frustrations around training add to the tension. A Melendez teammate gets another opportunity – but only with team Pettis! Wooohooo!!!! Lets get back to the REAL drama!

For those of you readers who want a bit more depth, read on:

I recently read a quote by Frederich Buechner that states that “you cannot become human on your own.” i interpret this to mean that no person can have a truly human experience in the absence of others. That being said, living together in the TUF house was one of the most “human” experiences a person can have. Being stripped of so many external things that define us, that give us a point of reference in life, and even provide us all with escape, we became raw and primitive – for better or worse. All that we arrived with on the show was ourselves, and the playing field was leveled by having our most basic needs provided for. Beyond that, however, we scrambled ever so cautiously to redefine ourselves in this unique environment in which we are all striving for the same thing – one thing – the championship belt that only one person can walk away with.

Alliances, friendships, and enemies formed, then the circumstances changed, and things would shift. Pay attention to the words and expressions of everyone, and watch as each girl re-establishes herself as she sees fit for survival.